"Our only regret is that we didn't involve Courtroom Intelligence earlier in the case."

Since 1986, Courtroom Intelligence has provided trial consulting services to clients across the nation. Our mission is to assist attorneys in maximizing their effectiveness in trying cases. At the core of Courtroom Intelligence is a communication-based philosophy grounded in the premise that the courtroom is ultimately a forum for oral communication. As courtroom communication experts, we provide objective feedback on the non-legal dimensions of a case and insight into how jurors may perceive the facts associated with a lawsuit.

Courtroom Intelligence brings the following to all of its work:

  • Over 15 years of trial consulting experience
  • Consultants with strong academic backgrounds in communication and opinion research
  • Experience in state and federal jurisdictions across the nation
  • Experience with a wide variety of clients from AmLaw 100 firms to solo practitioners
  • Extensive experience in a broad range of litigation areas
  • An array of litigation consulting services
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